Sask power hook up number

sask power hook up number

How does SaskPower calculate how much I will pay?

We calculate how much you will pay for the power you used last month in this section. All SaskPower customers pay a basic monthly charge based on their rate category, plus a charge for the power they use each month. If your city or town collects fees it appears here. Connection fees and GST and PST charges also appear here.

Who is the main electricity supplier in Saskatchewan?

SaskPower is the principal supplier of electricity in Saskatchewan and serves more than 511,000 customers. Our mission is to ensure reliable, sustainable and cost-effective power for our customers. Visit us online to learn how to request new electrical service, make account changes, download permits and more. Need some help?

Are You Ready for SaskEnergy to provide a quote?

Refer to our site readiness guidelines to ensure you are ready for SaskEnergy to provide a quote. Gas load details are required to process your request. Consumption details in BTU/HR or M3/HR can be found on the equipment, through the manufacturer, or by contacting your mechanical contractor.

How do I Put my Name on my mysaskpower Bill?

If you’re setting up a new MySaskPower account, use the first name on your power bill. Make sure you type your name exactly how it is on your bill (case sensitive – upper case).

What is going on with the federal pollution tax in Saskatchewan?

The Government of Canada has said it will return all direct proceeds collected in Saskatchewan under the federal pollution pricing backstop system through direct payments to families and through investments to reduce emissions. You can find out more details about this, here. I thought the province was against this tax, why are you doing it?

Can I have more than one profile on mysaskpower?

You can have more than one profile for your MySaskPower account. You can register for a second profile the same way you created the first one. 9. What’s the best internet browser to use?

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