Dating a marine engineer

dating a marine engineer

Is being a marine engineer a good profession?

It a great profession and if the guy is really good and treats you nicely, then you should go ahead with it. Good Luck. Cheers How do marine engineers contact home when on ship duty?

How do I find an engineer to date?

If you want to find an engineer to date, it may be a challenge if you don’t already move in those circles. Engineers tend to be quite busy, and in general, they aren’t party monsters. However, it’s possible to meet and woo them. You could try a dating site that specifies in engineer dating.

Are marine engineers smart and mature?

Yes Marine Engineers are smart and mature than people in most other field of engineering. They have to undergo rigorous training while in college. Most of the engineers holding B. TECH in marine engineering go through the phase of desciplined and restricted life in college.

How many months does a marine engineer go on a ship?

For one, you married a Marine Engineer, and second, your guy goes on ship only for ONE month. We merchant marine engineer normally go on ship for 6–8 months, and get off for 3–5 months and in that time we have to run around to get seatime certificate, re-validate our courses, do some more courses.

Is it worth it to go for marine engineering?

To say the least, go for Marine engineering only if you feel you have a passion for it and not not the money involved. I have seen Marine engineers making a good amount of money and shifting their career to MBA, IES, IAS and other sectors. The life is good and not as bad as it seems.

What is the life of a marine engineer like?

The life of a Marine engineer is amazing (with a bit of pause, I am a Marine engineer myself). Now, lets come to the basics. People know very less about Marine engineers and their lives. One of the rumors being they have to serve 6 months on-board followed by a leave of 6 months. Thats actually not true.

Is a career in the marine industry a good choice?

We have already discussed a wide range of careers in the marine industry that one can opt for. The marine industry is currently in great demand and offers some of the most rewarding and sought-after marine careers in the world. The modern world provides great opportunities for the generation to choose their careers.

What can I do with a degree in marine engineering?

You can study for an undegraduate in marine engineering, masters or PhD in marine engineering, all of which will prepare you to design and evaluate seafaring vessels (e.g cruise ships, submarines, navy vessels, commercial ships, passenger lines, yachts) and other equipment while on land and at sea.

What is the life of a marine engineer in the Merchant Navy?

The life of a merchant navy officer or personnel on board a ship is adventurous, exciting, and extremely rewarding. A marine engineer globe trots, visits beautiful places, and meets interesting people.

How many hours does a duty engineer work on a ship?

Designated Duty Engineer: This position sometimes requires you to work in 2 shifts of 4 hours each per day to perform various engine checks, but you will also work 8 to 16 hours or more 7 days per week depending on what vessel you are employed on and how long you are at sea for.

How to prepare for a career in marine engineering?

So, it will serve you well to prepare accordingly. The driving force behind any successful career is your passion. To work as a marine engineer, you need to be extremely passionate about the ocean and the various technology involved in harnessing the power of the sea. All marine engineers do not get the comfort of a desk job.

Can a marine engineer work on a cruise ship?

This is true for marine engineers working on any type of ship or vessel irrespective of the people he is working for; however it is an icing on the cake if he/she happens to be on a cruise ship of any of the top 10 cruise lines, not to mention the fun if one is on the biggest cruise ship or a futuristic ship.

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