Veronica from riverdale who is she dating

veronica from riverdale who is she dating

Are Archie and Veronica still together onRiverdale?

Riverdales on-and-off-again couple Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge had chemistry, but they werent actually all that healthy for one another. When they started dating on Riverdale, Archie and Veronica had undeniable chemistry. Yet they ended up finding themselves in situations that made them look more like oil and water.

Who is Veronicas husband inRiverdaleseason 5?

And while Varchie has been going strong for most of the shows run, that will clearly change after Season 5s time jump, when Ronnie is apparently not just with, but married to someone other than Archie. So, who is Veronicas husband, Chad Gekko, in Riverdale?

Are Veronica and Reggie dating in real life?

Veronica is now happily in a relationship with Reggie, played by Charles Melton. Melton and Mendes are dating in real life . Heres a retrospective in honor of Varchies relationship.

Do Veronica and Reggie kiss in Season 9 of Riverdale?

While on a beer run during episode nine, Reggie is attacked by the Gargoyle Gang, who are sent by Hiram. Later, Josie is nearly attacked by the gang and Reggie and Veronica go to her side. After dealing with Hiram, Reggie and Veronica end up sharing a kiss in the speakeasy. Archie returns and the couples tries to reconcile.

Are Archie and Veronica married in Riverdale season 5?

One of the most popular couples in the series are not together in Riverdale season 5. In fact, one of these characters is, gulp, married, and we just found out who they will be married to. There are mild spoilers for Riverdale season 5 below! Archie and Veronica are no longer together in Riverdale season 5.

Why did Veronica tell Andre to leave Riverdale?

Archie and Andre revealed that her father was doing business in Riverdale with some of the other families and he wanted to make sure that Veronica was safe. As the means to resolve the conflict, Veronica ordered Andre to leave, but not before telling him to call her father, and tell him that his cover was blown.

What happened in the season 1 finale of Riverdale?

Archie tells Veronica he wants to have that same strong relationship with her. All four friends celebrate over milkshakes before separating. Archie and Veronica go to Veronicas home where they have sex for the first time on the season one finale. Veronica comforts Archie after his dad is shot. Veronica and Archie in the Andrews home.

What happened to Archie and Bettys relationship inVeronica?

In the Season 1 finale, Veronica even confronted Archie about his feelings for Betty, asking if he liked her. I do, I always will. As friends, he assured. Which brings us to... After flirting and kissing, etc., the couple took things to the next level in the final episode of the season.

Do Jughead and Veronica kiss in Riverdale?

Veronica and Jughead kiss to even the score YouTube / The CW In the Season 2 Riverdale episode The Hills Have Eyes, core four characters Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty retreat from the crime-and-angst-fueled shenanigans of Riverdale proper for a romantic getaway to a forest cabin.

Is Reggie a mean girl in Riverdale?

When Veronica arrives in Riverdale and meets everyone, Reggie might be the type she would be aligned with as a mean girl, but while trying to redeem herself, Veronica doesnt really give Reggie the time of day. Hes also a bystander as part of the sexist jock ensemble of Riverdale High, when Veronica is targeted by Chuck Clayton.

What happened to Reggie onRiverdale?

Seven years after graduation, nobody has kept in touch. As one of the few people, Reggie has stayed in Riverdale and started working as the right-hand man for Hiram Lodge, who is trying to completely destroy Riverdale as a town. After returning to Riverdale, Veronica puts her ducks in a row for her chess match with her manipulative husband.

What is Reggies relationship with Veronica like?

Reggie doesnt seem to like Veronica as a person that much, but treats her like he does Cheryl: the whole same social strata high school conduct. Veronica asks Reggie for the name of his dealer, while helping out Betty, and Reggie reluctantly obliges.

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