Pubg mobile auto matchmaking

pubg mobile auto matchmaking

How to reduce matchmaking time in PUBG Mobile?

Also if you talk about days like sunday, 90% of the players are playing pubg at any given time. This creates a load on the servers. To reduce matchmaking time try playing in the morning at around 9 or try playing at night at around 10.

Why is PUBG ranking so complicated?

Millions of players play PUBG every day and the game has a very complex ranking system. As expected, Solo, Duo, and Squad have a different ranking but the game even sets your rank different on each server. You have different ranks for TPP and FPP even which is also separated by Servers. This can create more problems than solution.

Should PUBG matchmaking be based on tiers?

If PUBG matchmaking is based on tiers then it is supposed to be broken. Because a player who has Crown in Asia server will have bronze V in Europe, as a result even though he is a highly skilled player he will be matched against bots and new players. Which can be unfair to the new players.

What does auto matchmaking do?

What does auto matching do ? I saw this option when i selected the event mode... let’s you decide if you wanna play with just your party or get ransoms. if you queue with yourself and one friend with auto matchmaking you will get two random squad members, if you want to play just with you two turn it off and it will be a 2-man squad.

What is the best way to increase your PUBG Mobile expertise?

But since lockdown, a lot of the users are confined to home and PUBG mobile seems popular so, they started installing it and TDM/ Arena are the BEST to increase your expertise. Hence, rather than classic people have started to rush into these short matches so comes the queue and so the time. The same tragedy is with all the servers.

Why is TDM mode so popular in PUBG?

Also tdm mode is better used if you have just 5–10 mins and want to play a quick match. Also if you talk about days like sunday, 90% of the players are playing pubg at any given time. This creates a load on the servers.

How long does it take to change servers in PUBG Mobile?

Also you can change server to europe , you will be matched in 20 seconds in arena or warehouse. The reason why it takes so long is becasue... Whats the best free bypass for playing PUBG Mobile with an Android emulator like Tencent Gaming Buddy or LDPlayer?

Can I play PUBG Mobile on PC with a Tencent emulator?

Later Tencent found that everyone has not a good phone and everyone does not have high-end PC to play PUBG PC so they released Tencent emulator. Now people already started to play PUBG Mobile through different emulators like Bluestacks. When they don’t play on official Tencent Emulators, they actually play against mobile players.

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